Competitive and Fair

Websites from $950 
We know you want an idea of what we mean by “competitive prices,” but we want to be fair and don’t want you to be disappointed.

Personal Service
At No Flakes Web Design we focus on personal service. That doesn’t mean high cost!
It makes sense to have a conversation and provide you with a realistic quote, rather than offer set prices which include costly features you don’t want or need.

Each Project is Unique
The cost of a project is determined by the amount of work involved. Every project is different, so we need to know more about your needs and goals before we can offer a quote.

Give us a call at 310-601-7861 for a free consult to find out exactly what your project will cost.

Written Proposal
With a basic knowledge of your needs, we will devise a plan that suits your goals and will submit a written proposal for your approval. We will outline all the costs and provide a realistic time-frame for completion.